Sunday, May 25, 2008

16mm Found Film

These short videos were made from projected 16mm films that were deleted from the New Zealand National Library. I wanted to capture the surreal feeling that was produced by using the old worn out film in a not so well off projector.



NOUDS was my end of degree major project while studying at Wanganui School of Design. I produced several short animations in a series that talked light heartedly about our obsession with computers and technology. I wanted to bring up what I believe to be an important message while still creating something that was entertaining.

Here is the entire animation:

Sticking with my message I produced this animation by hand, moving each piece of paper by hand. I only used the computer for capturing the frames and minor colour correction.

I have also broken up the animation into smaller parts for your viewing pleasure.
I like lots of things.
Making Computers.
Computer Dating.
Computer Crash.

This project was entered into the 2007 BeST Awards where it won bronze in the Student Interactive Media/Web Design Category.

Design Camp 8 Titles

This was produced in my Type in Motion class. We were to create a sort of promo for the Design Camp which Wanganui School of Design puts on bi-annually. These promos were then edited and used to introduce the different speakers at the conference.

One requirement was to use the words, Inspire, Connect and Engage. My idea was to use them in a way to combat the mundane and mediocre in a sort of mind-gasm.

Panda Makes a Friend

This was an assignment for my first animation class at Wanganui School of Design, it turned out pretty good for a first time sort of thing. I had done some stop motion as a child but hadn't touched on it for years. This assignment got me back into what I should have been doing for ages.

I also entered this into the Bad Horse Video Awards in 2006 without knowing anything about the awards or anything and picked up the coveted "Strangest Video" Award. choice.

Hi, how are you?

So here we go, this blog type thing is going to be, like many others i know of, some sort of portfolio type thing, ha! Soon I'll be adding my older work for you to see here, hoorah!